Yin And Yang

About Us ✨ Yin and Yang ✨ Light and Dark ✨ Masculine and Feminine

Yin And Yang

About Us ✨ Yin and Yang ✨ Light and Dark ✨ Masculine and Feminine

Do you know the two great dualities that govern the entire Universe from the macro- to the microcosm? Yin and Yang, light and dark, masculine and feminine.The Moon which reflects the light it receives from the Sun. And the Sun which receives the vibrant and magnetic influence of the night star. Man and Woman, the weighing pan of a scale in perfect balance. One equal to the other and, together, as one Unity. Both with the same goal, that of perpetuating oneself in life itself. Of evolving by developing one’s inner powers through light and shadows. Also OctaviaplusKlaus manifest this duality!

Hey Free Spirit Souls

I’m Octavia certainly the sensitive soul of OctaviaplusKlaus and a real explosion of emotions and enthusiasm. Especially, I can express this way of being to the fullest by taking photos of people madly in love.
Everything that has to do with positive emotions captivates me and gets my heart pumping. For instance:
– people create something special or impressive. specially when they can live out their potential, their passion for something!
– people show their true feelings in front of the camera.

Whenever I can overcome my weakness – to stay in bed – I get up early to watch the golden sunrise.

During a walk in the wild nature, I get a lot of strength and the necessary grounding.
I firmly believe that every person has something wonderful and unique, which leads to the fulfilment and happiness of this person. And if everyone shared this inner light, the whole world would become a better place!
This is my life mantra. And every day I express my inner self, through meditation, gratitude, mindfulness, respectful interaction, sustainable living and personal development.
Mainly I eat plant-based and recently I started to practice Yoga.

I’m really close to the goal of running at least 10,000 steps every day!
Climbing a summit gives me an incredibly great feeling of freedom. And I rave a little about Reinhold Messner, with whom I once went mountain hiking 😉

If you ever want to experience Octavia in an empathic, tearful situation, just tell her your emotional story.

While Octavia is the emotional part, I Klaus have a more rational, reliable essence, with a more amplified mental clarity.

I’m always positive and balanced and a lot has to happen before I get upset. If there is a problem, I immediately switch to solution-oriented mode.

Curiosity is something that magically attracts me. In most cases I want to do everything by myself. Octavia calls me Mr. self-taught.

I strongly believes in harmony and awareness of equality. I read, analyze and live after:
“Conversations with God“.
E.g. according to which everything is one, means “what I give, say or do to others”, I also do that to myself”. So let’s treat each other with respect, be aware of decisions and not take advantage of each other when the other is in trouble.

Ok, I´´ m a little bit playful and love to play with our adorable fluffy cat Sweety. Octavia says, I´´ m a kind of cat whisperer. When we were on a road of Morocco we adopted her.

Sweety grow up in our camper whereby we got an intense connection and an incredible relationship. If it´´ s nesseccary, I could be very patient without end and do everything (for both).

What else? … I hate looking for saved data or information on the PC. That’s why I program databases that allow me to access data from anywhere. I enjoy that.

If you want to discuss with me, we can talk about the “meaning of life“.