Yin And Yang


Not only are we your photographer and videographer. We’re also here for you as your nature guides and environmental cheerleaders, helping you to leave no trace…
Oh! And we’re also your golden sun-seekers, spiritual buddies, and calming influences. Last but not least, your magical place finders, vendor network, belly laughers, and timetable gurus.

Let us give you unique, authentic memories…and a place in the great outdoors that will let you embrace your love in all its natural, wild glory.



I’m Octavia – an empath, sensitive creature, lover of light, and an explosion of emotions and enthusiasm. Taking photographs of people madly in love is my favorite thing to do in the whole world. I love to encourage you to let your feelings out and let them shine on camera.

Octavia’s strengths and superpowers:

  • One of the most infectious laughs on the planet

  • The ability to make you feel totally at ease in front of the camera

  • Encouraging people to follow their dreams and live out their passions

  • An artistic eye, and a way of working with light that bathes everything in gold.

Whenever I can overcome my weakness – staying in bed – I get up early to watch the golden sunrise. During a walk in the great outdoors, I get a lot of strength and grounding. It’s good for my soul as well as my body.
Since nature is essential to me and I want to preserve it, I live according to leave no trace principles.

I firmly believe that every human has something wonderful and unique about them. And if everyone shared this inner light, the whole world would become a better place! This is my life mantra.

Every day, I express my inner self through meditation, gratitude, mindfulness, respectful interaction, sustainable living, and personal development.
Mainly I eat a plant-based diet, and recently I started to practice Yoga.

Climbing a summit gives me an incredibly great feeling of freedom. And I have a little about Reinhold Messner, with whom I once went mountain hiking. 😉


I’m Klaus –rational, well-balanced, focused, and introspective. My passion is telling wedding and elopement stories that move you (and probably also Octavia!) to tears. My films include an artistic and thoughtful blend of original sounds and emotionally touching music.

Klaus’s strengths and superpowers:

  • One of the best nature guides and magical place finders on Earth
  • A consistently positive attitude, a rock in the surf – a lot has to happen before he gets upset.
  • If there is a problem, he immediately switches to solution-oriented mode.

Ok, I’m a little bit playful and love to play with our adorable cat lady Sweety. Octavia says I’m a kind of a cat whisperer. When we were on the road in Marrakech, we adopted her.

Sweety grew up in our camper and has become a genuine part of the family. I can be very patient and do everything for Sweety and, of course, for the best wife in the world. Really love both my great outdoors ladies so much.

I believe in the awareness of equality. And I read, analyze and live by the book “Conversations with God” from Neale Donald Walsch. So let’s treat each other with respect. Make conscious choices and not take advantage of each other when the other is in trouble.

What else?… I really don’t like searching for saved data or information on the PC – it’s a real pet peeve of mine. That’s why I program databases that allow me to access data from anywhere. Streamlining systems is something that brings me a calm sense of joy.


You are infinitely grateful that you found each other. And you’re happy, uncomplicated, love to be a little crazy. Besides, show your whole selves to each other, including your past mistakes and unique little quirks. Like us, you’re grounded by nature. You find a sense of peace in the desert, on the coast, or at the top of a mountain. Fresh air is like fuel for you. You know you want your wedding to celebrate you and the way you love each other. Also, you have no interest in tradition for the sake of it. You’re looking to build a dream day out in the nature you love, surrounded by the people you love.


Therefore, you’re looking for a small team of suppliers who can help make that dream a reality. Nature seekers like you embrace the unconventional and the free-spirited. You want to capture the moments and memories of this most beautiful day. And keep them close to your heart to treasure forever.

If this sounds like you, then you’re most definitely in the right place! Get in touch with us! Find out more and how we interact as wedding suppliers, nature guides, and leave no trace experts.