Amanda with her perfect wedding gown in the forest

The perfect Wedding Dress – 5 Tips for the Outdoor Bride

– THE ULTIMATE GUIDE TO FIND THE PERFECT GOWN FOR YOUR NATURE WEDDING Aaah, the ultimate perfect wedding dress! That special gown that most of the ladies have dreamed of since they were little girls. Maybe dancing and twirling in front of the mirror, wearing mum’s white scarf and imagining how it will be like. When the time comes to…

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Ein Moment für die Ewigkeit, Esra und Ben im Sonnenuntergangslicht

Esra+Benny – Couple pictures Sunset love, passion and magic

As you already know, Octavia is always on fire with the three magical words “Couple pictures sunset”. In other words, photographing couples in love at sunset – and in a magical place too – makes your heart beat faster. Every sunset is something very special. We love everyone, but if it comes across as golden, then of course very special.…

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