Amanda with her perfect wedding gown in the forest

The perfect Wedding Dress – 5 Tips for the Outdoor Bride


Aaah, the ultimate perfect wedding dress! That special gown that most of the ladies have dreamed of since they were little girls. Maybe dancing and twirling in front of the mirror, wearing mum’s white scarf and imagining how it will be like. When the time comes to choose the perfect wedding dress, expectations are so high that it seems nothing is right. After all the perfect gown exists for everyone and you will find it too.

First of all, do not let yourself be overwhelmed or stressed by this moment. But try to enjoy it and live in the present. At the end it is a unique, exceptional moment, and it is worth clearing your mind and also enjoying every part of the process. From research, to choice and to the moment of wearing it.

Here we have 5 pro tips for you so that you can find the perfect gown for your outside wedding:


Our first, and most important, advice we want to give you is to listen to your desires. So listen to your emotions and trust your instincts.
On your wedding day you want to shine in your wedding dress. Above all, show yourself who you really are and not take on the expectations of others. So ask yourself:

  • Does it suit my personality?
  • Do I feel connected to the dress?
  • Does it feel like it was sewn just for me?

Your wedding dress should be light and comfortable so that you can move around easily.Do not analyze with the mind.  And let the answers come from the belly. After all, our inner voice knows us better than anyone else.

Based on our experience, a few of our past brides have unfortunately chosen the wrong gown for their outdoor wedding. At least that’s what they told us later. Something goes wrong at the time of purchase. Because either the mother, the best friends or the salesperson convinces the bride that this or that gown is not right. Even if the bride felt more comfortable and should get another one instead. Very often the slightly classic dress was chosen. And especially this is not perfect for an outdoor wedding.

First of all, you will be the one wearing the wedding dress and you deserve feel beautiful! Just try to free yourself from the dependency and expectation of relatives and friends.
And even if it’s not easy, to act on a gut feeling is important here!


Full freedom of movement is one of the most important questions you have to answer. Especially in nature weddings you are only outside, move a lot and also go into the wilderness. The bridal dress rehearsal is the moment when you can test the wedding dress in motion. So ask yourself:

  • Do I really feel comfortable in it?
  • Can I move with the gown the way I usually move?
  • And what does the dress look like when I move?
  • Can I sit down well with it?

Our wonderful bride Marie looked so beautiful in her airy wedding dress. Simply the perfect dress to move freely at an outdoor wedding.

And then move your body the way you will on your wedding or elopement day. Climb stairs, sit down, jump from side to side, turn around. Okay it’s a little crazy but the most effective way to find out, whether the gown is perfect for you. Imagine how you walk during your wedding day in the middle of nature.

What we want to make you understand that your perfect gown must make you feel beautiful. But at the same time it must not distract you from the emotions of happiness and enthusiasm on your wedding day.


A nature wedding dress is that one that embody the spirit of the earth. A perfect wedding dress is natural and goes well with an outdoor wedding.

The light and airy hippie boho wedding dress by Gwendoline is the perfect wedding outfit for a beach weddingThe weight of the dress is also important because heavy fabrics make walking difficult and it will make the wearer tired.
Soft and flowing fabrics that don’t restrict or constrict are perfect for nature lovers, just fabrics that are comfortable.
Lightweight fabrics can keep you the right body temperature, whether the weather is cold or hot and add wonderful flare to your photos when flowing in the wind. There are several examples to find the perfect wedding dress, such as the A-line model in a boho style with light draped in tulle, light lace or embroidery give the dress a delicate and elegant touch. So ask yourself:

  • Does my perfect wedding dress really go with the place where I want to get married?
  • Is there a risk that my perfect gown will make me sweat if I move around a lot?


Our wonderful bride Nora decided on a wedding dress without a hoop skirt, it was important for her to have complete freedom of movement. She wanted to enjoy her outdoor wedding to the fullestFrom our point of view, hoop skirts are totally out, they destroy the naturalness of the nature wedding dress. In addition, they don’t go well with an outdoor wedding. The freedom of movement is severely restricted. One cannot sit well or go to the toilet. Believe us, we’ve already seen the hoop skirt break on the wedding day. Instead, prefer a dress with a slight train that you can hold in your hand while walking. Also the mermaid style dresses and other styles like this are not ideal, as they limit leg movement which can prove to be hazardous when running through the nature or even just walking over rocks or uneven surfaces. Dresses that are tight around the hips or legs are not ideal for the outdoor bride.


When picking the proper footwear for your nature wedding dress, please ensure that they are awesome but also comfortable. So ask yourself:

  • Would I feel comfortable wearing these wedding shoes all day long?
  • And does they match to your nature wedding dress?

Cowboy boots with a wedding dress? Why not, our dear bride Sandra loves cowboy boots and wanted to surprise her sweetheart with them. And for the outdoor wedding in Denmark it was the perfect decision.Ballet flats, wedges, ace-up boots or sneakers are perfect if you want to turn around a lot and don’t want blister. But please don’t forget to break in your shoes beforehand. And decorate them with patches with your bridal names, glitter, studs and beads. Your creativity knows no limits and make your shoes a cool and unique element.


Lastly, if possible for you we recommend to explore your outdoor location previously in the season of your outdoor wedding. You better can imagine if your perfect wedding dress option really fits to the environment.

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