Ava & Luke – Croatia Wedding

Ava and Luke celebrated their big wedding a year ago in the US. At that time it was a great and glittering wedding party to which unfortunately most of the Croatian relatives of the bride could not be present. But it was very important for both of them to celebrate an outdoor wedding in Croatia.
And on this occasion, the two Lovebirds wanted to give a personal marriage promise, almost a free wedding only under 4 eyes and at sunset.
At their big wedding in the US, the marriage vow has gone down a bit.
The special feature of this day was the reunification of families, some relatives had not seen each other since the Balkan war and there were plenty of tears of joy. Octavia was also very touched because the Slavic mentality reminded her of her childhood in her native Poland.

Getting Married - Croatia Wedding

Our dear bride received gold ducats, which served as earrings, from her Croatian aunt. In addition, she got a wonderful sash with the Croatian national colors. She cut off her actual wedding dress by hand and only put on the skirt for the second wedding party. She thought it was much nicer because it had a touch more boho or free spirit.
It was a very relaxed and natural festival in which celebrating, eating and drinking were the focus, with no time schedule or any conventions.

We have particularly emotional memories of the moment when the bride’s aunt showed up with a Croatian band, Ava was so deeply touched, just beautiful! And there was wild dancing, just wonderful.
And of course the two of them said a few nice words to each other at sunset, even if not completely sober. 😉

A wedding that is remembered because it was reduced to the essentials. The love of the couple was in the focus and being together with the dearest people and that’s what matters. Ava and Luke we thank you from the heart for this wonderful day, which had so many great moments.