Free Spirit
Couple Session for madly in love Souls

It’s capturing love of the couple in connection with the wild nature. And this in a powerful and magical place at sunrise or sunset. Moments in which you feel particularly connected. Seeing yourself through the eyes of another. It’s a breathtaking memory.

A spirit couple session isn’t something obvious, because it digs and shows something. It isn’t a static image, but a movement that makes you travel through time. And for sure uses all the senses to do so. It’s a way of recognizing and finding each other. Remembering and discovering, through the sensitivity of someone who is able to see you.

You may never have thought about it, but it has magical power. Through a free spirit session we can remember a moment of your life, fix the time that change and change you. And give yourselves a moment to feel beautiful and unique. It’s the moment you choose to dedicate yourself and a beautiful gift to give to those you love.


And in a free spirit session you will be seen as you actually are.
Your requests, your well-being and your desire are at the center of all attention.

As photographers, we have focused our spiritual energy on you and envelop you with our love. You stand in front of our lens, with your thoughts, fears, your wish to show yourself as you are. We leave you every space to express your love. And we have no expectations on you!

There are so many opportunities to have an experience like this. We list only a few of them, then you can indulge yourself in your need and imagination.


An outdoors free spirit couple session is simply terrific.

Have you ever thought about the connection that is between us as humans and our Earth? There’s physical connection whenever when we stand and breathe the air in. An emotional connection when we feel safe and we let her nourish our body. A mental one when we take some time to ourselves to refocus in her nature. And a spiritual when we feel her forcefulness and powerful grounding energy.

During a free spirit couple session this connection can be intensified. In fact by adding tools that represent us on the physical and spiritual level. Simply tools which connect us to our Earth and its elements.

The lovebirds are having fun. She jumps into his arms. The session take place in the desert of Morocco.EARTH ELEMENT
Living and feeling contact with the Earth element means creating the foundation for something new and creating a protective energy. You could experience your free spirit session it by walking barefoot and feeling contact with the earth. Climbing on cliffs or stones and wearing crystals and stones that earring the immense power of the earth.

Happy couple running on the beach. They are incredibly in Love.WATER ELEMENT
The Water element represents our emotions. Learn to flow into them, dance them, draw and purify them. And this will produce a beneficial healing in your relationship. You can choose an environment where there is the presence of the water element. For example the ocean, a waterfall, a stream, a lake or even jump into the water… this will help you connect with water element.

A super couple in love dances with a smoke torch in the desert of Morocco. It's a magical moment.FIRE ELEMENT
For Fire free spirit session choose to be in presence with the sun. Its rays on the skin have immense power to purify and charge your energy. Also surround yourself with fire bowls, light a bonfire, lamps, sparklers, dance around it. This awakens the passion and vital energy that makes you shine intensely.

The wind storms while they kiss wildly. The shooting take place in Tabernas in Spain.AIR ELEMENT
For Air you can decorate the surroundings with incense sticks, scented candles, light fabric drapes that flutter in the air. Choose to be in an open spaces. Simply a place where you can feel the light breeze of air, feel all its presence. Get in touch with this element to discover the potential of your mind, bringing clarity. And letting go what is old and you no longer need.


Engagement sessions are the most romantic and intimate photoshoots and a free spirit session is ideal for a marriage proposal.

Will you marry me? The moment after the marriage proposal.It’s such a euphoric moment, an explosion of emotions of surprise, happiness and pure love. Especially for the partner who is unaware of the real purpose of that photo session. For a moment there is nothing but the two of yo. Declaring your love to each other, in the most sincere and authentic way. Also it’s great to see then your faces, gestures and emotions in the photos that we will take in the background.

Maybe you have been wondering for a long time how to propose yourself to her or him. But nothing seems suitable or you are afraid of being discovered before the proposal. There are plenty of ways to plan a unique surprise proposal. We definitely can help you with planning this free spirit couple session


A free spirit couple session could be an excellent opportunity to take beautiful photos of the two of you. And then use them for a Save the Date card or for wedding invitation.

Moreover, a free spirit session can be used to do a little photo rehearsal before the wedding. And to see how it feels to be photographed, to gain confidence in front of the camera.

An engagement shoot at sunrise in the desert of Morocco. We love spiritual couples who celebrate their love in nature.It’s also a good way to understand if the photographer is really right for you. This, many times, is taken for granted! Of course, a good photographer is the one who knows how to put you at ease to bring out the best in yourself. But actually it’s about the energy of the photographer. It’s really important to feel with him at ease, in tune and in connection. Only this way you can let yourself go, be yourself and natural in front of the camera.


A free spirit session is also a fantastic idea to surprise your partner. Maybe there is something important that you would like to say to your love. But you never find the opportunity and the right time to do it. Or you just want to express your declaration of love, something that you always wanted to say to your beloved.

Madly in Love couple at sunset.A surprise shooting is also a chance to do something different and had fun together. And then, when he/she least expects it, you could step forward and make your declaration. It would surely become a wonderful moment to celebrate your love and a memory for a lifetime. One of those that when you think about it, you will immediately smile and your heart is filled with love.


A sweet occasion could be also the Valentine’s Day. We just can’t imagine a more loving, intimate and special gift. Dedicating your time to someone you love and what better way to celebrate the lovers‘ day than by sealing your memory forever with photographs?

Would you like to be my Valentine? Beautiful intimate moment at our couple shoot at the sea.It will be a relaxed time during which you just have to feel comfortable, have fun and express your love for each other. And in the most creative and authentic way you can imagine. it will definitely be a day that you will always remember with love

We will be there for you, we will guide you before and during the photo session, creating natural situations. The beauty of a free spirit couple session lies in best expressing your personality. But also in the harmonious composition of colors and lights, captured with professionalism, sensitivity and experience.
Feel inspired by the free spirit sessions we released on our blog.