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It was in 2005 when Amanda and Nicolas first met at a soccer game. Nicolas caught Amanda’s attention with his blonde hair and relaxed demeanor, and Amanda immediately noticed Nicolas‘ exotic appearance. They exchanged numbers that same night and began meeting regularly from then on. Despite having very different personalities, Amanda and Nicolas quickly found each other. After a few weeks, they were deeply in love, and their relationship has grown naturally. Nicolas appreciates Amanda’s loving and helpful nature, while Amanda values Nicolas‘ grounded and lovable personality.

After 17 years of being together, Nicolas proposed to Amanda during a surprise weekend getaway. Amanda was speechless as she had not expected it. When they announced their tuscan wedding plans, everyone was happy that the day had finally arrived.

The tuscan wedding day at one of the most beautiful villas in Siena was incredible! The Borgo Casabianca estate was beautifully decorated for the outdoor ceremony and dinner. Crickets accompanied the couple and their wedding guests with pleasant temperatures throughout the day. To reduce the excitement for the First Look and impending ceremony, Nicolas convinced his best man to play a game of chess while Amanda prepared with her sister as maid of honor.

This was followed by a very emotional First Look with tears of joy and a free ceremony where the couple’s little daughter was brought in with a wagon. The happiness of the three surpassed the entire Tuscan sun, and Amanda and Nicolas could relax during the romantic couple’s shoot.
They didn’t miss the entrance and first inspection of the dinner table, ready to sit in the evening Tuscan light and fairy lights.

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