As children we are spontaneously connected with the Mother Nature. We follow its rhythms and we come into contact with ease. While playing, falling, rolling on the ground, sprinkling ourselves with sand.
Nature is part of us and we are curiously attracted by its colors, scents and shapes. Being immersed in natural world can mean receiving the most wonderful and unexpected effects on our mind, body and soul. 
Celebrating a wedding outside can be a perfect way to reconnecting yourself to the greater Life Force. It means choosing as  witness the great immensity of the vital energy that surrounds us. Of which we all are part. And which accompanies you with strength and vitality on the path you choose to share with the loved one.
Our couples are much freer and less stressed themselves when the wedding takes place outdoors in nature. 


Whether in Spanish desert, in Italian Alps or at the beach in Portugal, what matters most at your outdoor wedding is you. There are no limits to your imagination. Precisely because norms and conventions  anyway have no place in a wedding outside. Especially for couples who have left the church, belong to different religions or do not have much to do with religion.  In this case the nature weddings offer an individual and informal alternative. 
If you dream of a wedding outside and you need some inspiration, this blog article is the right one!


Such a perfect place to love your lover as never before! Where „where the earth kisses the sky“ you can give your first kiss as husband and wife.
What is better than an endless expanse with a view of snow-covered peaks. And fir trees as far as the eye can see.
The mountains create truly unique atmosphere on our beautiful planet. Not only because of the breathtaking fairy-tale views, extensive and unspoiled nature. Unlike the sea, it can be experienced at different times of the year. Each of which will offer totally different scenarios for your nature weddings.
A wedding outside in the mountains it’s all but not traditional. It brings silence, peace and absolute closeness to nature. This is how our couples describe it who just wanted to say “yes“ together above the clouds. And feel free to wear your favorite boots. There is nothing more liberating than feeling comfortable and in tune with the surrounding environment!


Imagine you’re on a beach, surrounded by wonderful, rugged rock formations. And the sea with all its colors and his incredible vastness. As background music you have the sound of the waves and the screeching of the seagulls. Of course your own laughter because you are having fun and your heart pounding of happiness and excitement. The sun slowly sets and gives the landscape a golden tone. You feel deeply connected and smell the scents of the fresh and moist sea air. You feel the salt on your skin, and tasting the lips of your partner. There are only feelings of freedom, excitement and pure love!
Europe has so many beautiful beaches to visit that are perfect for a wedding outside. In fact, for a beach wedding, you don’t have to fly far.
In France you can still find some untouched spots for your nature weddings, for example in Normandie. This beautiful place awaits you with dramatic cliffs, dark rock formations and wonderfully natural beaches.


Imagine you want to feel the power of nature and how small we are against it, in your wedding outside. Then the desert atmosphere will surely fascinate you. An unbelievable expanse of sand, a hilly landscape in all possible earth colors. Mystical sunset light and millions of stars in the vastness of sky. Besides this deep silence of the desert. You can hear each other hearts beating. When you get very close, by saying words of love and letting them be carried by the wind towards infinity.
We were allowed to accompany our couple on this wonderful journey as elopement photographer in Morocco. The result was incredible photos and video full of intimacy and passion.
Saying YES high up on a glowing red dune – in a spiritual wedding ceremony – every detail is so dreamy and magical. Anyone who has ever experienced the sunrise barefoot in the desert will remember this experience for a long time.


Imagine a wedding outside immersed and wrapped in unique fauna and flora. Wonderfully ornate gray-green of centenary olive and pine trees, red-brown soil, and magical golden light at sunset.
You just need to dive a little deeper into its wild nature to feel lulled by chirping birds. The happy laughter of cicadas and the humid air soaked in the sweet scents of all kinds of herbs and resin. Visualize that you are in the middle of a pine forest, of a silence and an impressive majesty.
If we imagine this scenario of nature weddings we immediately think of the beautiful natural parks of central-southern Italy. Preferably in summer or spring. Also possible in autumn, fascinating and poetic in winter. In any case natural weddings will be unique and sublime. Particularly on the coast of Puglia, there are these truly magical places. Where hidden paths alternate with rugged rocks and where nature, explodes in its great beauty and authenticity.


Finally, if you feel a deep call for mysterious and unexplored places for your wedding outside. And rough stones and rock formations make your heart beat faster. A place that gives you a deep connection with Mother Earth. And where you feel deeply rooted thanks to her powerful energies. A spectacular place where the chamois can watch you during your wedding vows.
This unique location we found ourselves in front of the spectacular rocks in El Torcal de Antequera in Spain. A perfect place for nature weddings. Where time does not exist and where you with your beloved one can merge to become one with the great unity of this wonderful Universe.