2018 02 24 Alessia Bueny

Alessia & Büny

When two people find each other and learn to love each other, they often create great love stories. The story of Alessia and Büny is such a thing. It did not start so easy on the internet, because they lived hundreds of kilometers apart. But through the chats, both knew pretty quickly that they have a special connection. After three months of writing, phoning and skyping, they stood together for the first time. Of course the excitement was great and when they actually looked each other in the eye, both knew that they would never let the others go.

And as it often degenerates in this day and age, even two different cultures collided – Turkish and Italian in this case – which did not always make love easy with their family influences. But they did it and Büny asked the question in Istanbul in front of all friends and of course Alessia said YES! And now it was time to explain her feelings in a romantic promise of love, in a magical place ….

And since we were planning a beautiful inspiration shoot with the girls of LoveBandits in the forest, we asked Alessia and Büny without further ado if they did not want to be there.

With the many moss-grown corners and the magnificent rock formations around the Stenzelberg in the Siebengebirge we also found the right place for the rustic-looking inspiration shoot. This patch of earth is simply magical and multi-faceted and perfect for an outdoor wedding. The decoration and the stationery were deliberately kept very subtle in the greenery look. The colors are deliberately adapted to the colors of the flora of the forest and combined with wood elements. The table was simply enchantingly decorated, for nature lovers a feast for the eyes.

So Alessia and Büny, wrapped in warm blankets – it was very cold on this February day – in the twilight under table lights completed the table and enjoyed the togetherness.

Konzept, Deko, Papeterie: Love Bandits
Floristik: Blütenträume Köln
H&M: Lydia Gerzen
Brautkleid: iamyours