2018 03 29 Andreas Hanno

Andreas & Hanno

Have you ever dreamed of running away with your loved one and spending a day in twos in a mystical place? A place where you can not only be intimate, but also recharge your batteries and will always be remembered? Such a place is the rocky landscape Capo Testa in the north of Sardinia!

And here we have gone with the two Lovebirds Andreas and Hanno. They got to know each other (by the way, just like us via an online dating forum. In the meantime, Andreas and Hanno have married and are also connected to each other for business purposes. As a photo and film team, they make many couples happy together.

When working together, sometimes the private life is too short. And so the idea came to escape from everyday life and spend a nice day in a spiritual place, and to say something nice to the loved one.

It was a day full of magic and great moments, especially fascinating we found the climbing action of the two on a giant rock, in the middle of the beach bay at Capo Testa. We do not really know what those two on the rock said so lovingly, but it must have been nice, because when they came down they were blissful …

If you’re as adorable as our two sweethearts, then everyone wants to make a small contribution so that the day is especially beautiful.
Julia by OhJulie did not miss the opportunity to design a small and fine stationery especially for the two, simply enchanting.
The table decoration by Love Bandits was simple but perfectly inscribed embedded in the landscape.

We are so immensely grateful that we have spent so many emotional and intimate moments together, thank you from the heart for this day and your friendship. ♥+♥