2017 08 04 Suzan Paul

Suzan & Paul

Our wedding history today does not come so wedding. More like a super cool party, inspired by the “Le Diner en blanc” and that was the intention of Suzan and Paul.

Because the couple have already participated in the Le Diner en blanc a few times and the sight of white dressed people, who dine together lightly and lightly – they liked so much, the idea for their own wedding party was born. A public lawn was unfortunately not really to organize with catering and technology, so was in the “My Station” celebrated according to the motto “Fete de marriage en blanc”.

All guests were dressed in white – that looked very noble.
The decoration, which did not look quite white though, was incredibly beautiful, a little boho a bit shabby and was designed with great love by Suzan’s mom!

Incidentally, Suzan and Paul are a multi-cultural couple. Suzans is half Albanian, half German and her family is from Macedonia and Paul’s family is from Russia. An exciting mix as we find What distinguishes the pair as a couple is the mutual dynamics: on the one hand the calm and emotional Paul and on the other the lively Suzan, whom he knows how to ground very well.

The great, the really extraordinary thing on this day was the dance rage of the guests. From the first moment, the dance floor was occupied. It was rocked to a wild dance party, which was interrupted only by the food and the cake cut short! Simply mega, wild and free, as we like it.

Beloved, thank you, thank you, thank you for this wonderful day that could not have been more beautiful and uncomplicated for us, we look forward to seeing you again soon. ♥+♥