Ava & Luke

Ava and Luke celebrated their big wedding a year ago in the US. At that time it was a great and glittering wedding party to…

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Jea & Justin

What a joy when we picked up Jea and Justin, also known as soulmates, with our camper at Marrakech airport to take them to the…

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Alessia & Büny

When two people find each other and learn to love each other, they often create great love stories. The story of Alessia and Büny is…

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Isabella & Daniel

Our today’s magical freespirit couple Isabella and Daniel got to know each other in August 2013 at work. They usually saw each other in the…

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Tjalda & Wowa

Even at our first meeting we noticed four: that fits together really well In addition, the two are also in love with cats, because you…

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Helena & Filip

Helena was just 19 years old when she saw Filip for the first mail just before the summer holidays. A collage friend tried to help…

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