We do accompany wedding parties throughout Germany and also abroad. We are willing to travel to the end of the world to celebrate your wedding day together with you.

On weekends, we accompany weddings photographically plus video starting from 8 hrs. on. The max. time booking the two of us is defined by you. Our day starts with the part of “getting ready” which will be done in separate photo-shootings by us with bride and groom. This way, all details will be documented for the two of you during the preparation time. During the wedding ceremony we do also work parallel, without attracting attention. During the reception of your guests we can mix with your guests to gain very special photographical moments. With our cameras, we put an extra focus on various details which come along with your wedding party as this is often not seriously perceived by the couple. Your wedding report should be an all-round perfect story. It will be your treasured memories of your very special wedding day. We do offer certain packages for you but at the same time we are open for your individual ideas. We are happy to provide you with our price list.


The engagement period is, from our perspective, a very exciting and thrilling time and indeed exceptional. A thrill of anticipation prior to the actual wedding can be peaked by doing a photo shooting. We do enjoy a lot to see very relaxed, laid-back and “very much in love” couples and how they “move” in front of the photo camera. With this shooting, the four of us can personally meet and tune everybody to the wedding party. Couples do often use these photos for their stationary purposes. :-)

We do appreciate this shooting as a “make each other familiar with” opportunity. A after-wedding shooting is just as charming and attractive. Dress yourself up again, put once again your pretty wedding gown and wedding suit on. You will see that all your memories from your very special wedding day will immediately be at the spot again. This is beyond any price!