2018 07 14 Tjalda Wowa

Tjalda & Wowa

Even at our first meeting we noticed four: that fits together really well In addition, the two are also in love with cats, because you can only like them. With Tjalda and Wowa our sweethearts you can just have fun, they are super relaxed!

Incidentally, the two paediatricians got to know each other and love each other at the university. For Wowa it was clear that if he asks the question of all questions, it must be a very special place. The decision was made to Santorin – at sunset on a cliff he wanted to make the request … too stupid that just the selected rock was occupied by a few Asian tourists, which made him even more nervous than he already was. But in the end everything was fine and the wedding preparations could start.

Your wedding at the Harbor Club in Cologne was a super laid-back and relaxed party in boho shabby chic. The Christian-Jewish free ceremony was unconventionally held by the own family on the forecourt. From the nearby hotel, the bride drove quite casually as a pillion on a Vespa before and also the obligatory trampling of the wine glass by the bride and groom could not be missing. The motto, not to be disturbed and simply do what you like, was like a red thread through the day. It was laughed a lot, a few tears was there and the party went into the morning, just awesome!

Dear Ones, thank you from the heart for the incredibly happy and crazy moments, your simplicity and the many cuddly units you have offered us! We hope to see you again soon. ♥+♥