2018 11 05 Jea Justin

Jea & Justin

What a joy when we picked up Jea and Justin, also known as soulmates, with our camper at Marrakech airport to take them to the Moroccan desert.

You have to know that the two already gave their vows four years ago, it was a memorable feast. However, at that time they lacked a very little intimate romance, which is often neglected at such a big wedding party. They wanted to catch up in the middle of the Sahara Desert alone only for two and make another confession of love.

Now we were four in our camper with the destination Zagora, where in the vicinity of one of the most beautiful dune landscapes in North Africa was waiting for us. Jea is a half-West African and is very familiar with the climate and vegetation. She simply put the bridal bouquet herself. She had brought in advance dried flowers (including pampas grass and colored artichokes) from Germany – but they lacked the green stuff and as luck would have we did on the drive into the desert and ended up in a small alley lined with eucalyptus trees, which for a stroke of luck for the bouquet 😉

Incidentally, Jea and Justin know each other for longer than half their lives. The two Lovevirds got to know each other at the age of 14 at a joint musical project of the church.
The true love has always been, especially Justin knew immediately that is the woman of my life. The love of music is the one visible component that wraps the two together – passion and humor that are far more visible to us these days. It was a pleasure to be able to share the many emotions.

The wedding location was the beautiful Riad Lamane, where the First Look also took place in the great garden of the resort – between palm trees, wild roses and the earth-colored buildings – simply wonderful.

For the promise we drove out into the Moroccan Desert. The wind blew violently, behind a bush the two found a suitable place to express their feelings in words. And it became very, very personal, there were plenty of tears of happiness. Even Octavia was not unimpressed and she let her tears run wild.

For the couple shooting we continued to the Tinfou Dunes. The plan was to get up to the dune and take some great pictures for the sunset. But the sun had said goodbye and sent instead a violent windstorm, which blew us all properly. Nevertheless, we took pictures and did not let the fun take us away. A camel was also quickly distended, which is somehow also about, if you are on such a great sand dune.

Back in the wedding location, the Table for Two had already been prepared on the roof terrace – in the Moroccan style under sparkling lights – it could not be more romantic. Local food was served from the Tajine and the starry sky, which was actually there again, left its mark on the dream day!

Sweethearts, we are so thankful to have experienced this adventure with you! You are two very wonderful and warm-hearted people who have enchanted us with their boundless love and music. Thank you from the heart for your love and for the trust that you have given us. ♥+♥