Are you infinitely grateful that you found each other?
You are happy, uncomplicated, love to be a little crazy and show yourself with all your mistakes and quirks?
Do you love being in nature – in the forest, on a mountain, by the sea, on a glacier or in the desert?
You want to celebrate your wedding in a small circle, just with your heart people?
Are you planning your big day the way you like it and can it be completely unconventional?
Are you dreaming of an outdoor wedding?
Do you want to make a natural and free admission of love in a place that is important or spiritual to you?
Are you also a little romantic and love the warm light of candles and fairy lights?
Sunrises and sunsets are your elixir of life?
Do you love to walk barefoot because you feel connected to the earth?
And last but not least you want natural and authentic pictures from your wedding?


how exciting, then we should definitely talk to learn more about you and your vision.