Camperlife allow us to constantly experience feelings and emotions of complete freedom and independency. We feel grounded and so close to the nature like never before. We decided for the nomadic lifestyle to experience with the essential at the highest levels. Pure Minimalism! 

Vanlifing educated us to get rid of a large chunk of our objects to discover. Moreover a camperlife is better for the environment. We are becoming climate-friendly workers because we do not have to fly around.

It allowed us to change our lifestyle, helping us become more aware by eliminating waste. Creating less consumption in our lives and preferring mainly plant-based food. These changes and new habits let us understand the importance of every small daily gesture. And also makes us feel part of something greater, of a unity that is all interconnected.

So we wake up with the sunrise and retire with the sunset. Our daily routines are practicing yoga and meditation and consequently re-tune our inner-self with the right vibrations.


A camper lifestyle means also to be constantly on the lookout for the magical places for YOU to get married in Europe. And you have to believe us, there is really plenty of choice!

A big plus for you: We are happy to help you with the location of the micro wedding or elopement ceremony. We also love to help you with the right schedule. For example to implement your bridal shoot at sunset, because the light is then incredibly magical!
Our last big ride was to Andalusia, Spain with a lot of enthusiasm and excitement. For the next time if you are in Spain or close by and you want to celebrate your love with us, we will travel for you from Northern to Southern Spain! We are flexible in terms of elopement locations and dates and also adjacent countries are no problem for us. So you are not limited to individual regions.

Through our experience we are able to get in tune with and guide you in the best way to make your dream micro wedding or elopement reality. Listening to your desires and your souls, immersing in free and wild nature. Surrounding yourself by the people most dear to you and focusing on what really matters. The declaration of greatness of your love and the desire to spend life together.
We capture your essence, make it shine in exclusive photos and videos.