Helena & Filip

Helena was just 19 years old when she saw Filip for the first mail just before the summer holidays. A collage friend tried to help her arrange a date, but it did not work for a while. But at some point it was time and the young student fell in love with the good-looking smart man.

Never before had she had such feelings and the first kiss in the dorm room did not take long to come. Actually, she had to prepare for a test for the following day. However, during his entertaining visit to her room in the other dorm wing, Filip could not help himself and, after saying goodbye, opened the door again for a moment to hug Helena and kiss her. Everything was so romantic and from that moment both knew that they would never want to fall asleep without the other at the side.

Unfortunately, after the semester break, which they unfortunately had to spend separately, but they still welded together, they just continued where they had left off – to love each other more and more. Even with Helena’s subsequent two-year relationship, Filip was always there for her and her biggest support.
But even these difficult times overcame them and finally started their life together without any physical separation in Zagreb.
One day he woke Helena with a ring in her hand next to her bed. Of course, she immediately said YES! It was the happiest day in Helena’s life!