Isabella & Daniel – Desert shooting in Morocco

Our today’s magical free spirit couple Isabella and Daniel got to know each other in August 2013 at work.
They usually saw each other in the cafeteria and Daniel found Isabella very interesting and wanted to get to know her. He quickly got her phone number and invited her for a walk. From the beginning the two had very good and deep talks. They just felt comfortable together, had a lot of fun, could laugh aloud and be themselves, that was the key to their relationship.

In her relationship, Daniel provides balance, tranquility, and, above all, contentment, and Isabella, with her South American temperament, provides the opposite, the lightness of being, bringing color and music into her relationship.
But they also have a lot in common, similar values, both are spontaneous and they are very best friends, a wonderful basis for a happy marriage. By the way, they are already married for 4 years, so Daniel has not lacked in determination. 😉
We met the two in Marrakech and were immediately flashed by the charisma of the adventure couple.
A pair of lovers quite natural, earthy, unconventional, crazy, wild and free, Octavia’s heart beat a little higher.
We shot in the Agafay desert outside from Marrakech and had a crazy fun together!
We did not have a sunny sunset but a lot of love, passion and emotions and the wild nature in which we love to stay.

Dear Ones, thank you from the heart for the great day and that you have shown us so many facets of your love, we feel blessed.