Mystical Desert Wedding – Ideas to Get Married in a Spanish Desert

A mystical desert wedding with Mar & Daniel

Have you ever wished to marry in a desert? We hardly imagine a more spiritual place to say „YES.“ A desert is a powerful place with a concentration on the essentials. The dimension of the desert touches us when we start to feel and adjust to it with all our senses.

Let’s inspire by our desert wedding ideas shoot in the Spain desert.

Take a look at this fascinating, wild, and lonesome nature. An almost endlessly vast landscape with rough rock formations in all possible earth tones as far as your eyes can see. The ideal setting for an intimate desert wedding.

Let the sunset and the blue hour bathe your face in the most beautiful light. It’s also the best time to celebrate a desert wedding ceremony under the stars. When millions of stars shine above you, you’ll feel your relationship more vital than ever.

Our desert wedding ideas include pampas grass, dried flowers, macrame, clay plates, and fairy lights. We used warm earth tones and natural textures that appear beautifully in the desert. Just perfect for free spirits and boho lovers.

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