1. About 1 week after the wedding, we will send you a photo slide show with music.
  2. About 6-8 weeks later, you will receive an online gallery with approximately 400 – 900 photos (perfectly edited and high- resolution)
  3. The completion of your wedding film will take up to five months after your wedding, maximum.
  4. The online gallery will be available for at least a year – with different access variety for guests and family.
  5. Photo albums are available for an extra charge. We will consult you about the design, which will be finalized when you are completely happy – and you will have wonderful memories to cherish together!
  1. We use a Canon Full Format Reflex Camera.
  2. For the video, we use Panasonic GH5.

Once the shoot begins, we will give you all the time you need to lose any stress. Moments of peace and relaxation are essential before the shoot begins – very often the tension of the day dissolves and our couples feel free and centered! Many couples don’t like to be the center of attention and already feel drained by the afternoon or evening because there have been countless emotions and impressions throughout the day! We are aware of that and are there to help you that you find your inner balance and be relaxed when being photographed. We will help when you feel insecure and also when your nerves are bare. Furthermore, we truly understand how exciting this day is for our bridal couples and always manage to give some calmness and that you feel good.

Beforehand, we also talk to you about the timetable and possible bad- weather-scenarios. If the weather forecasts rain, we react flexibly and work around the weather, taking our opportunities to shoot when available. If it rains heavily, we will shoot with you guys under an umbrella or a shelter and all other pictures indoors. This only happened a handful of times – we always achieved images with great atmosphere and intimacy, even when it’s raining.

We always carry a backup camera should our primary camera have any problems. Furthermore, we always save the pictures on two separate memory cards, if one card becomes corrupted, we have a fail safety. But: Having shot over 200 weddings capturing over 200 000 images we’ve never lost a single one.

Our added value is that we are a well-coordinated photo- and video team that exactly knows where the other person stands. Therefore, we never get in each other’s way, especially in important moments like the exchanging of wedding bands or the magical kiss after exchanging your vows!