Our Packages and Pricing


Our Packages and Pricing

We should be YOUR Photographer & Videographer, if:

you know what you (don’t) want and are free spirited people

Photo- and Film-Memories are very important to you

you prefer to celebrate your wedding in a small, inner circle just the way you like it

traditional weddings are not really your thing

you dream of giving each other the biggest love promise in free
nature – maybe even at a spiritual place

you love travelling, are open-minded, nature loving und
incredibly in love with each other

you don’t mind being a bit crazy and show yourself in all your
amazing facets

being barefoot in the grass, feeling sand between your toes, breathing crystal clear air in the forest, looking at never ending
vistas on a mountain – in a word: to discover the most beautiful places on earth makes you happy!

You want to book a wedding photographer & videographer who create pictures of your most important moment at a very special place or in another country?

We will go all the way together with you!

As your photographer / videographer we want to create something fantastic. We are looking forward to telling your unique story in photos and film and conserve it for eternity.

No matter, if you want to have a destination wedding, an elopement or a free ceremony – we will go all the way together with you!

Are you full of wanderlust?
Follow us at our
Back to Nature Camperlife

With our Back to Nature Camperlife we are offering a new type of wedding photography and videography. Together with our cat Sweety we will travel across Europe and photograph our bridal couples in many different countries. This is also better for the environment; we don’t want to fly to multiple countries every week and work as climate neutral as we can.

In general, we will move very flexibly across the countries which means you are not limited to specific regions. For example, if we are in Spain at the moment and you want to book us, of course we will travel from the North, to the Middle- or South of Spain! We are flexible regarding wedding location and date of the wedding, even bordering countries won’t be a problem for us!

A big Plus for you: We can support you regarding location scouting for the ceremony  and  the couple shooting.  We have still explored countless spiritual places in nature in Tuscany, Brittany, Normandy and Andalusia 😊


Our passion is not only professional wedding photography and videography –
more than anything we enjoy the freedom to accompany our couples to lovely places on earth and cherish their free spirit and their love for eternity. 

What you will get from us, if you book us as your wedding photographers:


We totally believe in personal freedom and self- expression! We are so curious about life with all its unbelievable stories. The freedom to travel and discover the world makes us so happy. We want to pass this happiness on to you when we meet each other at your special day in your chosen country.

Authenticity and Closeness

It is very important to us to create real, vivid and authentic pictures – we interfere very little in the process and let things just happen! In doing so we often notice that our couples begin to glow from the inside, and we get the best results in pictures and films.


Bridal couples are immediately attracted emotionally to our portfolio, as if they had been there themselves. We are able to capture the emotions of this day and create an amazing story. Especially with Octavia you can tell she has a huge passion for her work: She is shining while working and opens up the hearts of others because people feel intuitively that Octavia loves what she does! Both of us give our whole heart for our couples!

With us as YOUR Photographer & Videographer at your micro wedding / elopement:

you will get real and authentic pictures and movies,

emotional stories full of soul and passion,

vivid memories of the most beautiful moments of your life which you will enjoy for the rest of your days together,

you can expect big love for details and the little, distinctive moments, which represent you as a unique couple,

you will book empathetic photographers and videographers who know exactly when and where to be and don’t interfere in what’s happening at the wedding,

you will get photo- and film material, which builds an entity of colors and style and which suits you as a couple perfectly.

Before the wedding - Busy as bees!

This is our process, if you book us...

  1. After getting in touch for the first time we will organize a video chat to get to know each other.
  2. After the booking we draft the contract and ask for a deposit, that way me make sure both sides feel absolutely secure.
  3. All conversations are free and if you need a second personal meeting before your big day, we will be there for you of course!
  4. If needed, we will also help you find the perfect location for your wedding and your party, if you don’t plan to get married in your home country.
  5. We can also recommend special, spiritual places which can support your love on this special day with their energies.
  6. We would love to help you organize other service providers on- site because then we know that the service provider works client- oriented and according to your wishes.
  7. You need help with putting together your timetable for the wedding day or elopement? Of course, we can help you with that
    too. Beforehand you will also get a Wedding Guide for free which helps you step by step with the organizing process.
  8. We will also have a personal meeting before your wedding day
  9. An in depth questionnaire one month before your wedding prepares us specifically for your wishes and needs. This way we also learn what makes your love so unique.

In short: We love to help you as experts with all issues related to your wedding.

At the wedding day - Together for eternity

This is how we work at weddings with family and guests:

We are very close to you guys but still discrete – especially as regards to our attire. We will talk to you and your guests and create trust. Always present but still not in the middle of the event – that’s very important for us. Furthermore, we don’t use flashlight – only after sunset when it is very dark, will we use a flashlight if needed!

Before the shoot we will give you some quiet and peace first – which is very important for you guys to relax – if needed we leave you alone for a bit. Very often we can see that all the tensions and emotions of the day roll off your back!

At the shooting you can enjoy the intimacy and togetherness – it will be the time for being playful and having a lot of intimacy. We encourage you to be tactile with each other! Also, we photograph a lot in motion because it leads to a nice and easy atmosphere and relaxes both of you.

Because we met you already in person before the wedding, we will know a lot about your connection with each other and we will use that for the shoot. For example, we have found that playing your favorite song in the background will create very deep and special emotions that you share!

We ensure that the shoot is not unnecessarily long, in total it will last no more than 45 minutes. This way you will get to be present in the moment and enjoy with your guests all the wonderful moments of your very special day.

Who are we and why are we the perfect match for your special day?


  1. About 1 week after the wedding we will send you a photo slide show with music.
  2. About 5-6 weeks later you will receive an online gallery with approximately 500 – 900 photos (perfectly edited and high- resolution)
  3. The completion of your wedding film will take up to five months after your wedding maximum.
  4. The online gallery will be available for at least a year – with different access variety for guests and family.
  5. Photo albums are available for an extra charge. We will consult with you about the design which will be finalized when you are completely happy – and you will have wonderful memories to cherish together!
  1. We use a Canon Full Format Reflex Camera.
  2. For the video we use Panasonic GH5.

Once the shoot begins, we will give you all the time you need to lose any stress. Moments of peace and relaxation are very important before the shoot begins – very often the tension of the day dissolves and our couples feel free and centered! Many couples don’t like to be the center of attention and already feel drained by the afternoon or evening, because there has been a lot of emotions and impressions throughout the day! We are aware of that and are there to help you that you find your inner balance and be relaxed when being photographed. We will help when you feel insecure and also when your nerves are bare. We totally understand how exciting this day is for our bridal couples and always manage to give some calmness and that you feel good!

Beforehand we also talk to you about the timetable and possible bad- weather-scenarios. If the weather forecasts rain, we react flexibly and work around the weather taking our opportunities to shoot when available. If it rains heavily, we will shoot with you guys under an umbrella or a shelter and all other pictures indoors. This only happened a handful of times – we always achieved images with great atmosphere and intimacy even when it’s raining.

We always carry a backup camera should our primary camera have any problems. Furthermore, we always save the pictures on two separate memory cards, if one card becomes corrupted, we have a fail safety. But: Having shot over 200 weddings capturing over 200 000 images we’ve never lost a single one.

Our added value is that we are a well-coordinated photo- and video team that exactly knows where the other person stands, so therefore, we never get in each other’s way, especially in important moments like the exchanging of wedding bands or the magical kiss after exchanging your vows!

Photo & Film Packages and Prices

Are included in all offers:

Photographic accompaniment by octavia / film accompaniment by Klaus

All Pictures are high-resolution and perfectly edited

The film comes with music, original sound & aerial view included

The Ceremony and Dinner speeches in full lengths as a audio file

Digital online gallery to view, download and share the images worldwide

Micro Wedding and Elopement Guide for first questions and for your wedding preparation (100 pages as PDF-File)

A “get to know you” questionnaire

A personalized list of ideas for your wedding location

Personal get-to-know each other before your wedding

Recommendation of service providers

All prices all inclusive, i.e. tax, travel expenses, accommodation and meals (unless you absolutely want to invite us to dinner 🙂

15 hours

Package 1
  • divisible over 3 consecutive days
  • over 1.000 pictures
  • film of min. 10 min.

12 hours

Package 2
  • divisible over 2 consecutive days
  • over 800 pictures
  • film of min. 7 min.

9 hours

Package 3
  • divisible in a day with one break
  • over 600 pictures
  • film of min. 5 min.

6 hours

Package 4
  • divisible in a day with one break
  • over 400 pictures
  • film of min. 3 min.