Thanks so much for your interest in our work. We are thrilled that you think of OctaviaplusKlaus being an accompanying part of your wedding party. This is a great pleasure and privilege for us. ♥

We are Octavia and Klaus – we’ve been married for 6 years! Yes, we’ve been living in a 6 years liaison when we decided to get married. Now it’s your turn. 🙂

We do live in the most beautiful landscape of the Siebengebirge. We both love nature and we chose this place as our paradise on earth. On top comes our much-loved cat Sweetty as our chief family member.

Wedding photography and videography is our great passion. We would summa- rize our “style” with some very simple words: Emotional, natural, animated, vital and with a great love in the details.

We are curious to get to know you and your love story in person. ♥


The moment you start travelling…

What is the number of journeys you need to have travelled to be allowed to be called a globe-trotter? We don’t know but one thing is clear: We love travelling foreign countries and get to know different cultures and mentalities.

We have already experienced quite some different ways of travelling, e.g. backpacking, excursions in small and big groups as well as cruises. Klaus has actually travelled and visited more than 80 countries on board of cruise-liner ‘MS Deutschland” for more than 4 years – not as a visitor on board but as camera-man, doing the cruise documentation. We are now travelling with our own “cruise-vehicle” which has become an essential part of our family also. Travelling through Germany and various European countries is what we love doing. Who knows what your travel plans are? If you are close to our place and you have the idea of doing some exceptional and unique photo-shooting with us, let us know and we’ll be arranging enjoyable afternoon + evening hours together.

Ein weiteres Fortbewegungsmittel ist nun Teil unserer Familie geworden – wir freuen uns schon riesig, mit ihm ab November durch Marokko und Europa zu fahren. Vielleicht plant ihr ja eine Reise und seid zufällig in unserer Nähe und wolltet schon immer tolle Fotos von euch, dann meldet euch und wir machen uns einen tollen Nachmittag und Abend zu Viert.

You might also plan your wedding-party with location not necessarily situated in Germany but possibly in a very magical place somewhere on this beautiful planet? If you decide to engage us as your wedding photographers somewhere abroad , we would be thrilled to accompany you on your very special wedding-day.

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